Our Custom Design Process

Site Selection

Creating a new home involves the careful selection of a building site. To assist clients with this very important decision, Snow Building Construction uses its expertise to advise clients on various aspects of potential building sites. Lots are available directly from Snow Building Construction or from the open real estate market.

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Site Planning

The site planning phase begins with discussions and observation conducted onsite, that focus on positioning the structure on the property. Factors such as topography, soil conditions, solar view orientations, roadway access, the location of utilities and association with neighboring structures must be considered. Based on these elements, a site plan can be developed which will be used to obtain various approvals and permits concerning issues such as wetlands, driveway location and septic system design.

Building Design

Whether building a new home or altering an existing one, the building design phase involves general discussions relating to room and space requirements, style, amenities, expectations and budget. Preliminary floor plans and elevations are drafted to rough out the shape and layout of the structure. At this stage, ball-park cost estimates can be calculated to ensure that the project will be kept in line with the projected budget. A series of subsequent meetings between the designer and client will be arranged as the final design evolves. When a level of satisfaction is reached, clients may choose whether or not to commit to the project and proceed with a building contract.

Snow Building Construction Architecture
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Building Contract

Final plans, specifications and a construction proposal will be drafted and submitted to the client for approval. Once approved, the construction contract and schedule will be negotiated and signed, clearing the way for construction to begin.

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